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  • Duncan: Schools Have an Opportunity To Rethink Education Investments

    In a broad-based interview with THE Journal at the United States Department of Education offices June 12, U.S. Secretary of Education Arne Duncan stressed the importance of thinking differently about how we invest resources in education. "What [superintendents] do with the new money misses the point. What we really want to do is have folks rethink existing resources as well. And what I would argue in lots of places is that existing resources are not being spent as wisely as they could," he told THE Journal.More
  • Education Dep't To Fund Overhaul of State Assessments

    The United States Department of Education is looking to change the way assessments are done. In a speech Sunday, U.S. Secretary of Education Arne Duncan said his department will commit up to $350 million to "support states in the creation of rigorous assessments linked to the internationally benchmarked common standards being developed by states."More
  • Districts Head in Direction of Greater Energy Efficiency

    Tight budgets don't always mean cuts. For districts in Illinois and Texas, finding a way to reduce expenditures recently meant finding a way to receive the same commodity at a reduced cost, specifically energy.More