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  • Obama Pushes for Education Reform with $4.35 Billion in Competitive Grants

    President Barack Obama is calling on states and districts to set higher standards for student achievement. In a speech delivered at the United States Department of Education headquarters in Washington, DC Friday, Obama highlighted some of the top reforms he thinks will help accomplish this and also announced $4.35 billion in competitive grants designed to help support innovative reform efforts.More
  • Appellate Court Overturns Blackboard Patent; Blackboard To Press On

    Blackboard's patent on learning management system technologies has been overturned by the United States Court of Appeals for the Federal Circuit. The court ruled Monday in favor of Desire2Learn and invalidated some claims in patent No. 6,988,138, also known as the "Alcorn patent" or the "138 patent." But the saga will continue.More
  • San Diego USD Looks To Improve Web Communications

    San Diego Unified School District in California is arranging to improve its online collaboration and communication tools.More