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  • Duncan: NCLB Overhaul Needs To Begin Now

    The No Child Left Behind Act has not only failed to improve student outcomes, it's actually contributing to a decline in academic standards in the United States--this according to United States Secretary of Education Arne Duncan, who has issued a call for the immediate overhaul of NCLB.More
  • Sacred Heart Deploys 802.11n Across Campus

    Australia's Sacred Heart College in Geelong, Victoria is rolling out 802.11n wireless networking across its entire campus. Sacred Heart is a "secondary college" for girls in grades 7 through 12.More
  • Judges Hear Appeal Arguments in Microsoft v. i4i Case

    Lawyers for Microsoft and Toronto-based i4i concluded oral arguments before the United States Federal Circuit Court of Appeals in Washington, DC Wednesday in a patent dispute case.More
  • Enterprise Software Brings Cost Savings to School Districts Worldwide

    Paper keeps getting more expensive. Printer toner may have plateaued in recent years, but at a pretty steep price point. Add to this the costs of printer and copier upkeep, and even replacement, as well as the physical space required to maintain paper files, especially as government reporting demands mushroom.More
  • New Resources Focus on the Effective Use of Technology in Title I Programs

    Two national education organizations--the State Educational Technology Directors Association and the National Association for State Title I Directors--are launching three new co-developed resources designed to help education leaders with their Title I programs, especially in terms of using technology to help improve outcomes for Title I populations.More