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  • Are Schools Pushing Girls Away from Science?

    Women and underrepresented minorities who have successfully pursued STEM careers were discouraged along the way, according to a report released this week. What's more, those who experienced discouragement in their lives most often cited their educational institutions as the offenders. But they also cited "inspiring and dedicated teachers" as positive influences in their career decisions.

  • NSF Grant Connects Researchers with K-12 Students and Teachers

    A new five-year, $2.65 million grant from the National Science Foundation will connect Michigan State University researchers with K-12 students and teachers from several rural districts in Michigan. The program is designed not just to boost STEM literacy among the K-12 participants, but also to help develop the researchers into better scientists by letting them work on their teaching and communications skills.

  • Report: Systems Engineer Is Best IT Job

    San Francisco-based research and analysis group Focus has named systems engineer as the "best job in America."

  • California District To Install Solar Arrays

    Baldwin Park Unified School District in California will deploy solar arrays across seven of its campuses and its administrative center, an undertaking that could net the district more than $1 million per year in savings and incentive rebates.

  • Purdue U and PBS TeacherLine Team on STEM Training for Educators

    Purdue University is teaming up with PBS to educate elementary school teachers on how to teach engineering concepts to young students.