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  • What's on the K-12 IT Agenda?

    With so much technology being thrown at it, the K-12 set has some choices to make this year. Budgets are tight; IT is evolving quickly; and administrators, teachers, and students alike are embracing new tools and software like never before. Balancing these three factors can be a challenge for the most tech-savvy school districts, all of which are being pulled into the technology age at an unprecedented rate.

  • Court: FCC Can't Regulate Broadband ISPs

    A three-judge federal appeals court panel dealt a serious blow Tuesday to the Federal Communications Commission's (FCC's) authority to regulate broadband Internet service providers (ISPs).

  • Microsoft Backs Digital Due Process Initiative

    Microsoft this week joined a coalition to encourage Congress to update the Electronic Communications Privacy Act. The Digital Due Process (DDP) coalition wants to ensure that data associated with cloud computing services receive the same level of privacy protections as data stored on PCs in homes.

  • NASA To Spotlight Hands-on Learning

    NASA will stream a new series of professional development Webcasts this month focusing on hands-on learning activities in science, technology, engineering, and math (STEM).