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  • 6 Technologies That Will Shape Education

    Cloud computing and gaming are among the six technologies that will have a major positive impact on K-12 education in the next few years, according to researchers. But education also faces some critical challenges in that timeframe, including challenges that may require fundamental changes to the way we educate in the United States.

  • ED Grants Target Teacher Preparation

    As part of the federal government's ongoing effort to improve the nation's K-12 education system, Secretary of Education Arne Duncan has announced 12 new Teacher Quality Partnership grants.

  • Java Founder Gosling Quits Oracle

    The father of Java is leaving the company following the January acquisition of Sun Microsystems. He joins CEO Jonathan Schwartz, Chairman and co-founder Scott McNealy, Director of Web technologies Tim Bray, and open source evangelist Simon Phipps in departing.

  • Adobe Intros Creative Suite 5, Launches New Education Resources

    Adobe has announced the new Creative Suite 5 and, with it, major new versions of each of the core applications in the suite, including Photoshop, Illustrator, Flash, and After Effects. They include a wide variety of improvements, from enhanced image editing capabilities in Photoshop to new rotoscoping tools in After Effects--not to mention iPhone application development right within Flash.