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  • SaaS Usage Growing Even as Contract Terms Come Under Scrutiny

    Although more than 95 percent of organizations expect to maintain or grow their use of software as a service (SaaS), 30 percent of enterprises using SaaS have renegotiated their terms before the end of the initial contract period.

  • Could Virtualized Servers Present Security Holes?

    In spite of the growing popularity of server virtualization, the majority of IT professionals don't consider their virtual environments as secure as the rest of their network operations. That's the conclusion of a recent vendor-sponsored survey of 300 IT managers, security personnel, auditors and administrators.

  • Middle School Finalists Named in STEM Challenge

    Twenty-five middle school finalists have been named in the second-annual We Can Change the World Challenge, which challenges teams of students in grades K through 8 from throughout the United States to develop STEM-based plans to help the environment through local community action.

  • Report: 'Overzealous and Questionable' Use of Technology in Laptop Spying Case

    A Pennsylvania school district under legal fire for using school laptops that captured images of students in their homes without disclosing the activity has issued a lengthy report that summarizes the findings of an investigation into the matter.

  • California Pushes Vaccine Notice out via Blackboard Connect

    The H1N1 scare isn't over. That's the message being broadcast through Blackboard Connect by the California Department of Public Health, which is reminding school and college leaders to promote H1N1 vaccinations to their campus communities.

  • Omnicast Expands H.264 Support

    An IP video surveillance application has been updated to work with new hardware and to provide error reporting. Genetec's new release, Omnicast 4.6, focuses on support for H.264 surveillance cameras, including hardware from Bosch, Panasonic, and Sanyo. H.264 is a set of standards defining video compression.

  • Wren Publishes Security Quiz for Teachers

    If you see an emergency exit door propped open during school hours, what should you do--ignore the situation, take the initiative, refer, report, or other? That's one of the questions posed to teachers in a new online security quiz published by Wren, a company that sells surveillance and access control tools into the education market.