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  • Dual Enrollment Programs Show Promise for Non-High Achievers

    Is it possible that getting high school kids--even those who considered "high risk"--into college courses as part of a dual enrollment program could increase their chances of success and improve school retention efforts? That's the conclusion of a recent study on the topic.

  • Obama Vows, 'I'll ... Fight for Race to the Top with Everything I've Got'

    Just two days after his administration announced phase 2 Race to the Top finalists, President Obama was on the defensive about the controversial reform program operated out of the United States Department of Education. Speaking Thursday at the National Urban League Centennial Conference in Washington, DC, Obama vowed he would fight to defend the program and would resort to using the veto, if necessary, to maintain its integrity.

  • California District Outsources Printing Management To Increase Efficiency, Save Money

    Rialto Unified School District (RUSD) in California is using "print governance" to manage the workflow, budgeting, and maintenance of the district's full range of printing output devices, such as copiers and printers, to streamline its inhouse printing services and save money in the process.