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  • Rural Schools To Benefit from USDA Broadband Grants

    The United States Department of Agriculture (USDA) Wednesday revealed 126 new infrastructure projects designed to bring broadband connectivity to schools, homes, and businesses in rural areas and Native American lands. Combined, the projects represent $1.2 billion in federal stimulus spending, impacting 38 states, including tribal areas.

  • Google Kills Wave

    Google has pulled the plug on Wave, the company's effort to provide a shared online communications hub.

  • Ohio Calls on Blackboard To Create Statewide Online Learning Clearinghouse

    Ohio's Board of Regents will be working with Blackboard in developing a program to host distance learning courses in the state. Chancellor Eric Fingerhut chose Blackboard's consulting team to build a new, statewide digital learning clearinghouse that will provide a common platform for online courses.