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  • Race to the Top Phase 2 Winners Named, Meetings To Be Held in November

    Ten recipients have been named in phase 2 of the federal Race to the Top grant program, with five states taking home $400 million or more. In the wake of the announcement, the United States Department of Education said it will convene a series of meetings beginning in November designed to bring states together to discuss "promising" ideas.

  • Atom-Based Netbooks Go Dual-Core

    In an effort to narrow the performance gap between low-end netbooks and higher-end laptops, Intel this week rolled out an all-new Atom processor sporting two processing cores and twice the level-2 cache of its single-core sibling. Several manufacturers have already announced new dual-core Atom-based netbooks that are expected to ship in the coming weeks.

  • Florida District Turns to Customized Assessments To Reach State Standards

    Florida's District School Board of Pasco County has turned to customized assessments and an upgraded bank of test items in an effort to better achieve state standards goals.