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  • Report: K-12's Role in Stepping Up Degree Attainment

    A new report warned that the United States is slipping on post-secondary degree completion compared with other nations, falling to fourth overall among adults and 10th among young adults. We will ignore the underling causes of this trend "at our peril," the report's authors said. But what K-12 institutions do to address the problem and help reverse the trend?

  • 2011 NASA Science Teaching Certificate Fellowships Open

    The NASA Endeavor Project is accepting applications from professional educators and teachers-in-training for its 2011 Science Teaching Certificate Fellowships. Launched in 2008 with funds set aside by NASA for a foundation in memory of the 1986 Challenger space shuttle disaster, the program allows participants to take five graduate-level online courses, free of charge, featuring content integrated from each of NASA's Mission Directorates and the opportunity to learn from expert instructors and laboratories.

  • Dell Commits $10 Million to Ed Tech Funding in 2011

    Personal computer maker Dell said it will donate $10 million to worldwide educational technology initiatives throughout 2011, with more than 70 percent of the money going toward helping students in underserved communities outside the United States.

  • OpenOffice Foundation Splits from Oracle

    The community of volunteers that developed the OpenOffice.org project have split off from Oracle and formed a new structure called The Document Foundation.