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  • Report Shows U.S. Schools Can't Meet Technology Demands of Teachers, Students

    Few people will be surprised to learn of research that shows K-12 institutions throughout the United States have become heavily dependent on technology, and that this dependency continues to increase with each passing year. What may surprise even the most jaded among us, however, is that, given that many view this a "good" dependency with a wealth of immediate and long-term benefits for teachers, students, and staff, we're doing an inadequate job of feeding the habit.

  • IPv6 Adoption Now of 'Paramount Importance' as IPv4 Addresses Run Out

    The "IPocalypse" is turning out to be a mild global event, as -pocalypses go. End users won't begin to see the effects for months, and there should be little disruption when it does hit. But the end of IPv4 means that the transition to IPv6 needs to start now, according to ICANN.