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  • Ed Tech Consolidated in 2012 Federal Budget Proposal

    The Obama administration formally released its 2012 federal budget proposal Monday, dissolving a number of education programs into broader funding pools--including state grants for education technology previously provided for under Enhancing Education Through Technology (EETT).

  • Drill Down: Mobile Devices in Education

    As educators continue to weigh the many considerations attached to allowing student-owned handheld devices on campus, Speak Up asked parents what good they think the use of mobile technologies would have on their children's education.

  • New Consortium Will Work To Calibrate Goals of Schools, Vendors in Cloud

    Seeking to preempt the usual, often inevitable disconnect between vendors and customers that arises in emerging markets, nonprofit Visions for Education has launched eduCloud, a consortium of educators, administrators, and representatives of manufacturers and service providers aimed at creating standards in cloud computing for education that will simplify the landscape while meeting the needs and goals of all interested parties.

  • DQC Report To Spotlight State Education Data Use

    Data Quality Campaign (DQC) this week will release the report on its annual analysis of educational data collection and use by each of the 50 states. Data for Action 2010 reports on the results of an in-depth survey and analysis that suggest that while states have made significant advancements in certain areas of data collection and its application, in other key areas most states have made little to no progress.

  • Google Chrome OS Pilot Program Provides Free Laptops to High School Students

    Google delivered a truckload of free Cr-48 laptops to Astoria High School in Astoria, OR earlier this month as part of its Chrome operating system (OS) pilot program. Astoria is one of several high schools in the United States selected to be part of the pilot program.

  • TaskStream, TPAC Partner To Measure Teacher Effectiveness

    In an effort to evaluate new teaching candidates more effectively and with better long-term results, the Teacher Performance Assessment Consortium (TPAC) and Web software provider TaskStream have joined forces to pilot an in-depth teacher performance assessment (TPA).

  • Texas Middle School Targets 'Net Zero Energy' with 582 KW Solar Plant

    This summer Lady Bird Johnson Middle School, part of Irving Independent School District in Texas, will go online with a new 582 kilowatt solar installation. The move is part of a plan to make the school the largest "net zero middle school in the United States," according to the district.

  • Vernier Intros Probes and Sensors for Scientific Data Collection

    Vernier, a company that specializes in scientific data collection solutions, has released four new scientific testing devices for use in school science programs.