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  • Optimizing Resource Usage with Data-Driven Decisions
    Sponsored by: Aberdeen Group
    Many organizations are not exploiting the visibility and analytical potential of front-end user facing BI tools. In this report, you will learn the 4 top business goals for 2011 across the public sector and all other industries, the 5 software platforms with the most impact on performance in the public sector, and more.

  • Predicting Student Outcomes: Business Analytics for Education
    Sponsored by: IBM
    Learn how you can use business analytics to make sense of all your data to drive decision making and improve student performance and student retention.

  • 10 Reasons to Support Learning with Cloud Computing
    Sponsored by: Hewlett Packard
    Cloud computing perfectly suits the needs of your students, who access technology almost constantly throughout their day. The same sort of easy access should be available in their classrooms, to help prepare them for successful futures and the competitive global workforce. Find out the top 10 reasons to support a move to the cloud.

  • Learn the "What," "Why," and "How" Behind BYOD
    Sponsored by: Avaya
    The movement to mobile and digital learning reflects the exploding popularity of mobile devices and the growth in wireless network services to support them. Your students have their own personal computing devices, and they want to use them in class. This is a good thing! Find out why.