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  • Districts Struggle with Social Networking Guidelines

    A couple questionable events have sent lawmakers and educators scurrying to sort out what should be allowed for communications that take place between school personnel and students through social networking sites.

  • iPad Drives Tablet Growth While Android Tablets Slump

    Worldwide shipments of tablets increased significantly in the first quarter of 2012, driven by strong sales of Apple's iPad. But owing to a slump in Android tablet sales, overall growth was weaker than expected. Meanwhile, on the smart phone front, Apple dropped to second place as Samsung more than tripled its unit shipments in the quarter to land in the top slot.

  • Lawrenceville School Builds 30-Acre Solar 'Farm'

    New Jersey's Lawrenceville School has installed a 6.1-megawatt photovoltaic system that is expected to generate enough electricity to offset 90 percent of its annual power needs.

  • Researchers Add Sound-Based Gesture Recognition to Commodity Computer

    A small team of Microsoft and University of Washington researchers are developing a technology that will allow ordinary computers--and eventually mobile devices--to detect gestures and motions in order to control them. SoundWave, as it's called, uses the speaker and microphone already built into most computers to sense in-air actions, such as a wave of the hand to specify an action like, "scroll the screen up" or "scroll it down."


Anonymous Bullying Reporting Solution

Increase bullying prevention effectiveness by implementing an anonymous bullying reporting solution. The CyberBully Hotline provides students who may be fearful of coming forward, or witnesses who wish to remain anonymous, a means to get help. The Cyberbully Hotline meets students where they live – online. Easy to implement with kick-off materials included.
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Professional Resources

  • 7 Qs to Answer Before Launching Virtual Learning District-Wide
    Sponsored by: Blackboard
    Learn how budget-constrained districts are turning to virtual learning to improve student performance, save money and empower teachers. See how districts have capitalized on one of the fastest growing trends in K-12 education.

  • BYOD: Identify its Impact on IT Decision-making
    Sponsored by: Aerohive
    Virtualization, cloud computing, and wireless technology are fundamentally changing campus computing, providing revolutionary gains in productivity and cost savings. Learn more about powerful applications can now be delivered to almost any device, anywhere, at any time.

  • Wi-Fi Planning Tool: Maximize Your School's Wireless Performance
    Sponsored by: Aerohive
    This paper examines how schools can apply 802.11n enterprise-class Wi-Fi technology in ways that pay while overcoming such traditional challenges as shrinking budgets, high network management costs, and nagging performance and reliability troubles.