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Learn how to take the danger out of school field trips. Protect student identity and help lost students quickly and safely reconnect with their group. If safety matters to you, come and learn more about SchoolReach's Field Trip Safeguard.
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Product Focus: Short-Throw Projectors for Under $1,500

From THE Journal's editors: the complete guide to affordable short-throw projectors for the classroom. Find projectors by brightness, throw ratio, manufacturer, and list price, among other specs. Need a projector with HDMI ports? RJ-45 jacks? High resolution? We give you a head start on your school purchasing research.

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Professional Resources

  • FETC 2013
  • How to Finance New Classroom Technology within a Small Budget
    Sponsored by Panasonic Solutions Company
    Funding is scarce in education. In fact, a statistic from The Center of Digital Education says that 41 states have implemented cuts to higher education, which means educators are left to fend for themselves, including using sub-par technology solutions, if any at all. So how can you finance new technology in the classroom while staying within your budget? Join us for a free webinar to hear how a Panasonic customer used projectors to deliver a quality educational experience while addressing bottom-line needs.

  • Enhancing Relationships Between Faculty and Students for Learning Success
    Sponsored by Blackboard
    In an online learning environment, what you say is not as important as how you say it. When your "online voice" positively affects the relationship between faculty and learners, student retention in online education is greatly enhanced. Join us for a free webinar that will help you identify your online persona and ways to improve it. You'll learn how to apply an active listening model that strengthens relationships between all members of the online learning community and improves the learning experience, overall.