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  • Cost of WiFi in Schools: $800 Million per Year

    A new analysis of America's schools shows that it will cost $800 million per year to bring high-speed broadband to 99 percent of the student population, one of the goals of the Obama administration's ConnectED initiative.


  • Brigham Young Researchers Develop Google Glass System for Deaf Students

    Brigham Young University researchers have developed a system to project sign language interpreters onto Google Glass and other similar types of glasses.

  • Beleaguered ConnectEDU Faces Data Decision in Bankruptcy Efforts

    In an April blog entry on its site, education technology company ConnectEDU defended the use of data "to progress students toward true success in their education and careers." Now the company, which filed for Chapter 11 bankruptcy protection at the end of April, faces the wrath of the Federal Trade Commission, which has publicly expressed concern about how ConnectEDU will handle the student data it has compiled over the last 12 years of operation.


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