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  • Classroom Capture in One Easy Step

    A school district in Pennsylvania has begun implementing lecture capture in all of its classrooms. At first the technology was used just to deliver staff development materials, but teachers have picked up on it and have started using it in "hybrid" classrooms, capturing student activities and posting classes online.

  • An App for That ... and That ... and That

    The mobile technology market is blooming with powerful applications that have the ability to transform education with the ease of a download to any number of handheld devices. To learn what apps educators are finding most valuable to teaching and learning, we asked presenters from this month's Florida Education Technology Conference (FETC) to share some of their favorites.

  • Economics Education Brightens Up

    One effect of the current bleak economic climate has been an increasing stress on the importance of teaching the fundamentals of finance to K-12 students. But the financial literacy education we have now is a long way from learning to balance a checkbook in home economics class.


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