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  • Being Mobile | Blog

    The (Native) App is Dead; Long Live the (Web) App

    On 28 October 2014, the W3C approved a standard version of HTML5, a programming language for the web. For K-12 at least, HTML5 is totally disruptive – in a GOOD way! Educational app developers can now write highly interactive apps that will run on virtually all end-user-oriented, computing devices, i.e., on all the crazy computers that kids bring into their BYOD classrooms. Finally, BYOD makes good sense; finally, teachers can FULLY exploit the affordances of the kids’ BYOD computing devices!! HTML5 is nothing short of a sea change in educational software. Read Full Article

  • 3D Printers

    Report: Education Use Driving Low-Cost 3D Printer Purchases

    The primary driver for consumer-grade 3D printers that cost under $2,500 is purchasing done by schools and universities. Read Full Article

  • Ed Tech Awards

    THE Journal 2015 Readers' Choice Awards THE Journal 2015 Readers

    THE Journal's readers have chosen their favorite and most revered software and hardware — tools that help them, as teachers, administrators and tech leaders, fulfill the mission of education. Read Full Article