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    'Personalized Learning': From Marketing Hype to Good Pedagogy

    We (CN &ES) took a deep dive into a popular "personalized learning" programs for K–8 mathematics instruction. While we have not been particularly supportive of personalized learning in the past, to put it mildly, in this week’s blog we describe what impressed us about this particular math program that used concept-based practice and differentiated instruction. Read Full Article

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    K–12’s Curricular Transition from Atoms to Bits is a Work in Progress

    While the book publishing, music publishing and video publishing industries have transitioned successfully from atoms to bits, not so for K-12. Indeed, in K-12 it is early – and confusing – days in transitioning from atom-based textbooks to bit-based digital curricula. Read Full Article

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    Enhancing Classroom Audio: Beyond Amplification Enhancing Classroom Audio: Beyond Amplification

    Systems designed to improve audibility in classrooms are changing. They used to be all about amplification. That's still the single most critical component. But systems are now also adding lecture capture, emergency features, paging, monitoring and collaboration capabilities to enhance not just sound, but student learning as well. Read Full Article

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