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    How Online Learners Can Succeed in a Fragmented Education System

    The fragmented U.S. education system works in our favor by giving schools the opportunity to try different tools, technology and curricula to see what works and what doesn’t. We can use this data to inform how we instruct future generations of learners so that with each passing year, the educational experience gets better and better. Read Full Article

  • Distance Learning

    One Positive Impact of COVID-19 Policy on Math Education and Gender Equity

    COVID-19 disrupted our lives and as learning went online we wondered how our students would cope, especially the girls who were anxious about math. Not all children thrived on remote learning, but it made a contribution, especially for those girls who were motivated to improve their math. Read Full Article

  • Expert Viewpoint

    Education After COVID

    As virtual learning is continuously being evaluated, there is a need to look back to life before the 2020 pandemic to see if there has always been a need for virtual learning and compare it to the reality of today. Read Full Article