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  • Reinventing Curriculum: The Underlying Challenge to Moving Education Forward

    This blog post kicks off a new blog theme: Reinventing Curriculum. Like teacher and pedagogy, curriculum is one of the keys to a successful learning experience. Due to three trends, we will argue, curriculum – its development, its distribution, and its use — is in a state of real turbulence. The educational community, in general, and educational technology, in particular, needs to focus on the “next turn of the crank” in curriculum! Read Full Article

  • Apps Are Free for a Reason

    Introducing an educational app to the classroom can be dangerous, and the danger can be revealed at surprising times with startling images. Read Full Article

  • Tablets to See Slow Resurgence

    Tablet sales declined substantially in 2015, but they aren't down for good, according to one market research firm. Nevertheless, their short-term growth will be slower than previously expected. Read Full Article

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