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  • Police Get Secure WiFi Access at 3 Iowa Schools

    The Iowa Department of Public Safety has launched a program that allows the state’s law enforcement officers to park their patrol cars outside schools and access secure, high-speed WiFi Internet service.

  • Madison Academy Upgrades to Gigabit Fiber WAN

    Madison Academy in Alabama has implemented a 1-gigabit per second fiber-to-the-premises network between its two campus locations and a multipurpose student service center and is planning to extend the fiber connection to a third building currently under construction.

  • Lit Fiber Leads Latest E-rate Funding Requests

    Right now the biggest area for category one funding requests in the E-rate program is for lit fiber — major bandwidth connectivity. That line item in applications for the 2016 funding year totals $1.3 billion in pre-discount dollars, a request that trounces every other type of category one service included on applications by at least a factor of five-to-one.

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