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  • Putting Change on the Backs of Teachers is a Bad, Bad Idea

    In a lively dialogue, mobilists Cathie Norris and Elliot Soloway discuss why telling teachers to just "integrate the technology into the curriculum" is a recipe for disaster — and they invite readers to tell their own tech transformation stories. Read Full Article

  • Twitter Tips for Educators

    According to instructional technologist Steven Anderson, Twitter holds the key for putting teachers in touch with great ideas from all over the world. Here are 10 ways he offers to get the most out of it. Read Full Article

  • 31 Top Apps for Education from FETC 2013

    Like last year, this year's popular App Shootout at FETC 2013 tossed around dozens of useful apps for teachers and students. Read Full Article

  • Game Design: The Key to Education?

    Imagine a learning environment where students engage core principals using gameplay, solve problems through team-based collaboration, and use gaming systems in place of standardized textbooks. Is our education system ready for that? Do we have a choice? Read Full Article

  • Playing To Learn

    Imagine a school where the kids play iPad games to learn about genetics or take on the personas of ghosts to learn about the American Revolution. Those are the approaches to teaching going on at Quest to Learn, a public school in New York City that opened in 2009 expressly to explore how gaming can be integrated with curriculum and where educators work alongside curriculum specialists and game designers to develop instruction. Read Full Article

The Latest in Education Technology

  • Connecting Students Can Boost the Economy

    A new report shows that closing the digital divide for students who lack connectivity can provide a tremendous boost to economies around the world, including 5.5% boost to GDP in the United States.

  • Epson Ships 8 Laser Projectors for Education

    Epson today rolled out eight new models in its PowerLite lineup of laser projectors. The new madels are designed for classrooms, larger meeting spaces and signage applications.

  • Wacom Expands Chromebook Compatible Tablet Lineup

    Wacom has added one of its Intuos tabets to its lineup of graphics tablets that are certified compatible with Chrome OS devices.

  • Google Launches SEL Lessons, Educator Resources

    As part of an expansion of its Be Internet Awesome digital citizenship program, Google today announced several new resources for educators, students and parents, including new curriculum and social-emotional learning lessons focused on online harassment and bullying.

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