Security in a Web 2.0 World and Beyond

Creating a safe and secure learning environment means taking a proactive approach to security—protecting your current environment while staying ahead of new, emerging threats. This is no small feat in today’s lean economic climate where cash- and resource-strapped districts have to do more with less.

Learn how to stay ahead of malware, viruses and emerging threats while battling reduced budgets and resources. Attend this session to hear experts discuss the trends that will impact network security and child safety—Web 3.0, cloud computing and outsourcing—and how you can prepare for the future. Plus, technologists from top school districts including Duval County Schools and Denver Public Schools reveal how they successfully guard their students and networks from Internet-based threats.


-- Robert Losinski, information security administrator, Denver Public Schools

-- Jim Culbert, information security analyst, Duval County Public Schools

Register today to get a blueprint for better protecting your communication streams, minimizing opportunity for security breach and ensuring policy and regulatory compliance in your district.

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Duration: 1 hour

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