Next Generation Parent Notification Services: How districts are preparing for tomorrow’s needs of community engagement.

If you are currently evaluating Parent Notification Services, are thinking about switching solutions, or just want to get more out of the service you already use, you will want to attend this free webinar—everything in it is designed to help school leaders get the most out of the notification service they already use, or help them make informed decisions about updating to the latest technology.

You’ll hear from an expert panel of communications and technology leaders as they discuss the future of notification services in schools. From the use of social media, to the effects of widespread weather events that impact communications, school districts are finding new ways to meet the evolving notification needs of their communities:

  • Emerging trends in school communication including the use of social media, intelligent handling of
    parental contact preferences, and full-circle integration with district systems
  • Lessons from the great snow event of 2010 and how to know if your notification service will perform when needed
  • Best practices for incorporating a notification service into a broader communication plan, including strategies for reaching each generation of your community

This session is your opportunity to connect with peers, industry experts and the team from SchoolMessenger. Be sure to submit questions in advance or ask them during the webinar.

Original Webinar Air Date: May 19, 2010

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Duration: 1 hour

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