Google East Leyden High School 1 to 1 Chromebooks screenshot

Learning in the Cloud – Leyden High School Goes 1:1 with Google Chromebooks

Learn how Leyden High School's digital evolution is helping better prepare their students for the future and how they were able to successfully build and launch a 1:1 program for all 3,500 students in their school district in the Chicago suburb of Franklin Park, Illinois. You'll hear directly from the Principal as well as from their tech specialist team and students about how they went about creating an initial pilot program of 300 before deciding on a full rollout with Google Chromebooks for Education after reviewing a number of different technology options. Chromebooks are helping students personalize their learning — a crucial element of helping increase attendance and engagement and helping students take more rigorous classes to meet the new student achievement goals and criteria set forth by the school.

Google Chromebooks for Education allow schools, like Leyden, to use the power and simplicity of the web for unlimited teaching and learning opportunities and to engage all constituents from parents, students, teachers, and administrators. Chromebooks are great for the classroom and beyond for dynamic learning environments, easy scalable IT management, and the unique ability to harness the best of the web to fit school's curriculum and student achievement goals.View Now

Presented by:

  • Steven Butschi, Google in Education Team
  • Jason Markey,Principal, Leyden High School, Illinois
  • Jesse Fuentes, Senior, East Leyden High School, Illinois

Moderated by: Linda Briggs, Contributing Editor, Campus Technology

Original webinar air date: 25th, October 2012

Duration: 1 hour

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