Union County Public School District Goes Google with Chromebooks and Google Apps

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In this webinar, you’ll hear directly from Scott Jacumin, Head of Instructional Technology at Union County Public Schools. You’ll hear how UCPS is leveraging the Lenovo X131e Chromebook and the power of Google Apps for Education to transform the learning culture of one of the largest school districts in North Carolina. At the heart of this transition are real world productivity tools that enhance communication and collaboration while engaging students and teachers in project based problem solving. While technology is at the core of this transition, UCPS attempts to stay focused on altering when and where learning takes place. Google’s suite of applications serve as the catalyst to alter teaching practice and the affordable Chromebook extends the classroom walls and the traditional school day.

Union County Public Schools has steadily increased its access model over the past 4 years. All 6th through 12th grade students are issued a Chromebook to carry throughout the school year while 3rd through 5th grade students have access to their own computer every day at school. Affordable Chromebooks helped increase student access and Google Apps for Education provided the necessary tools to increase our learners use of technology. While many districts focus on the “next greatest” Web 2.0 tool, UCPS attempts to simplify digital learning and productivity by maximizing the use of a single suite of applications. This simplifies staff development, encourages collaboration and seamlessly integrates a paperless culture for teachers and students. From the creation of infographics using Google Draw, to data collection and analysis using Google Forms and Sheets, Google Apps for Education provide the necessary tools to accomplish almost any learning outcome. The switch to Google’s simple intuitive platforms has been a positive experience that UCPS plans to continue to replicate and expand in the future.

Participants will:

  • Learn how UCPS dispelled the myths associated with the Chromebook
  • Gain insight on making the switch from Netbooks to Chromebooks
  • Discover how Google Apps for Education integrates with third party applications
  • Hear first hand experience of how the district deployed 24,000 Chromebooks to students in grades 6 through 12
  • Be able to pose their questions to Union County and Google

Presented By:

  • Scott Jacumin, Head of Instructional Technology, Union County Public Schools
  • Andrew Sidel, Regional Manager, Google