Teaching with 3D Printers – How to Engage Students with Hands On Learning

The use of 3D printers like the uPrint from Stratasys as a classroom tool gets students excited about learning through new technology. In this webcast you will hear how teachers have used 3D printers to engage students at all levels; from elementary to high school. For example, we will discuss how middle-schoolers are using an uPrint SE 3D printer to create a custom ear bud holder. We will also talk about a 4th grade class creating money clips from initial design to end-use print. In regards to these projects and more, we will discuss the importance of writing the lessons into the curriculum.

Attendees will learn more on the following:

  • Discovering how 3D printing is a new way for students to learn
  • The importance of developing engaging lessons using 3D printing
  • How 3D printing with the Stratasys uPrint can take your students to the next level

Duration: 1 hour