Apple in K-12 Education: Challenges, Benefits, and Solutions

In this white paper, GroupLogic, the leading provider of solutions for the cross-platform enterprise, will explore the challenges faced by K-12 institutions today, as well as some of the inherent benefits of those same issues.

To prepare students for competition in today’s economy, many schools are turning to technology. However, technology moves fast, and K-12 institutions are struggling to adapt to a seamless cross-platform environment. Dealing with PCs and Macs on Windows or Mac servers, or sometimes both, means that IT has to carefully navigate the varying idiosyncrasies that come with cross-platform IT infrastructures. Now, with schools trading textbooks for mobile devices, enterprise-level solutions must be put in place to meet the changing needs of these institutions. In this whitepaper, GroupLogic explores challenges faced by K-12 institutions today, and inherent benefits of those same issues.

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