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Funding, Competitions and Award Opportunities for Educators 3/12/2018

Grant Spotlight

  • Deadline Fast Approaching for $35,000 Classroom Practices Grant

    The deadline is Wednesday at midnight for a grant that will award up to $35,000 for  

    The deadline is Wednesday at midnight for a grant that will award up to $35,000 for "proposals utilizing innovative practices in K-12 education throughout the United States."


    The grant program, supported by the Braitmayer Foundation, located in Marion, MA, aims to support "innovative programs to enhance the quality of education at the pre-collegiate level." This year's program is emphasizing two key areas: "curricular and school reform initiatives" and "preparation of and professional development opportunities for teachers, particularly those which encourage people of high ability and diverse background to enter and remain in K-12 teaching."


    The deadline for letters of inquiry is March 15 at midnight. Site visits, if deemed necessary, will occur between October 2018 and January 2019. Notifications will be sent to recipients March 15, 2019.


    The Braitmayer Foundation doesn't specify the number of awards that will be granted each year. Over the last three years, the number of awards has been in the three to five range. Recipients in past years have included K–12 schools, colleges and universities, individual academic programs within schools or districts, organizations that support extracurricular activities and a variety of nonprofits. Complete details, including a list of past recipients and their projects, as well as the online application, can be accessed at braitmayerfoundation.org.


Grant & Funding News

  • School Funding 'Stubbornly Unfair' Across States

    In spite of research showing that school funding leads to better outcomes for students during their school years and afterward, a new report from the Education Law Center and Rutgers University's Graduate School of Education finds dramatic unevenness among education funding across states. New York and Alaska, for example, spend more than 2.5 times what Arizona and Idaho spend. There's been no improvement since the end of the "great recession" in those states that don't provide additional funding to districts with high student poverty.

  • Schoology Launches Digital Citizenship Challenge

    The challenge, running Feb. 14 to March 14, asks teachers to submit a resource they believe will help to improve digital citizenship among students.

  • Online Challenge Seeks Digital Citizen Teaching Ideas

    The Teachers Guild is using a 14-week online challenge to generate new ideas on how to "empower students to be better digital students." The top three entrants will receive a year of International Society for Technology in Education membership and the opportunity to present their ideas at ISTE's annual conference in June.

  • Cost to Connect Rural America: $19 Billion or Less

    The report comes on the heels of a Trump administration infrastructure plan that includes $50 billion set aside for rural projects, distributed to states in the form of block grants, and another $20 billion for unspecified "transformative projects"; both reference the possibility of increasing broadband facilities alongside road, bridge, rail, port and water initiatives.


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