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Critical Insights for K-12 Education Technology Pros 5/5/2017

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Top 10 Articles of the Last Month

  • New Google Earth Has Exciting Features for Teachers

    Google has recently released a brand new version of Google Earth for both Chrome and Android. This new version has come with a slew of nifty features teachers can use for educational purposes with students in class.

  • Report Assesses ELA Programs In-Depth

    Last year, four "all-star" educators sat down to examine nine popular digital resources specifically intended for improving reading and writing in the classroom.

  • First-Year Teachers More Confident in Tech but Use It Less Than Experienced Teachers

    New data from a survey of more than 37,000 educators revealed that first-year teachers aren't using tech in the classroom as much as their more experienced colleagues even though they have a higher opinion of their own technological abilities.

  • Proposed Law Puts Professors in the K-12 Classroom

    One state is tackling the problem of teacher shortages by proposing legislation that would allow faculty from higher education to work as adjunct instructors within K-12 schools in core academic subjects without a teaching license.

  • Report: Tech Companies Are Spying on Children Through Devices and Software Used in Classroom

    Technology companies are spying on school kids through devices and software used in classrooms. Those companies often collect and store children’s names, birth dates, browsing histories, location data and much more — often without adequate privacy protections or the awareness and consent of parents, according to a new report from the nonprofit Electronic Frontier Foundation.

  • Mobile Classroom to Connect Thousands of Students to Killer Whales

    Thousands of elementary students from across the United States are expected to travel virtually to Washington state’s Penrose Point and Lime Kiln Point state parks in May to see orcas and other aquatic life in their natural habitats through Journey to the Parks, a series of high-tech distance learning experiences.

  • 4 Education Technology Trends That Are Redefining K–12

    Five years from now K–12 classrooms will look dramatically different than they do today because of the four trends identified in this week’s blog post. You can take that prediction to the bank!

  • NGSS Issues 'Lessons Learned' for Instructional Materials and PD

    Start with a small cohort of teachers; provide professional learning opportunities to all teachers; include school leaders in the training. Those are some of the more obvious best practices tied to professional development for teachers learning how to teach to the Next Generation Science Standards, shared in a new guide published by NGSS.

  • NASA and Texas Instruments Launch STEM-Related Virtual Scavenger Hunt

    NASA and Texas Instruments (TI) today launched “The Search for STEMnauts,” a virtual scavenger hunt designed to ignite students’ interest in science, technology, engineering and math (STEM). Each week for the next six weeks, students in sixth through 12th grade will be challenged to solve space-related puzzles for a chance to unlock virtual reward points.

  • Blended, Online Learning Innovation Grants Up for Grabs

    An education non-profit that promotes the use of blended and online instruction as a route to personalized learning is now taking applications from teachers and school leaders who need funding to help them create programs for doing the same.


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