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Critical Insights for K-12 Education Technology Pros 7/7/2017

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Top 10 Articles of the Last Month

  • Tips Toward a Safe and Positive Social Media Experience

    For parents, understanding the ins and outs of social media and related sites and apps can be a daunting and never-ending task. Stephen Spengler, director of instructional technology at Pocono Mountain School District (PA), presents some ideas and suggestions to work towards being a more informed digital parent and guide children in an increasingly online world.

  • Grant Spotlight: $20 Million for PK-12 STEM Education

    The National Science Foundation is awarding up to 18 multi-year grants for efforts that promote science, technology, engineering and math (STEM) in PK–12 schools. The awards this year are expected to total $10 million to $20 million, with individual awards ranging from $400,000 to $2 million apiece.

  • Principal Robert Furman Urges Teachers to Break Old Habits and Go Digital

    L. Robert Furman urges educators to break the cycle of wash, dry, rinse, repeat. The Pennsylvania principal presented at three sessions during the ISTE conference last month.

  • Kids, Education and Engineering

    While plenty of STEM lessons cover science, math and even technology, engineering is often left out. One dedicated educator has figured out numerous ways to bring the "E" into the classroom to help those other topics become more real for the youngest students.

  • ISTE Participants Respond to Spike in Fake News Websites

    In today’s Wild West media environment of falsehoods and competing claims, how can students separate fact from fiction and judge the credibility of online information for themselves? That was one of the key questions addressed during the 2017 ISTE conference last month.

  • Microsoft Project Develops Physical Programming Language for Blind Students

    A Microsoft project called "Project Torino" will teach blind students from seven to 11 years-old how to program and apply design thinking to projects.

  • Report: Google Gaining in U.S. Classrooms, Apple's iOS Slipping

    Google is gaining a stronghold in United States classrooms, with Chrome OS expanding its presence on school computers, while Apple’s iOS has been on the decline since the first quarter of 2015 among students and teachers. These are some of the findings in Kahoot!’s first-ever EdTrends Report.

  • Richard Culatta Has Big Dreams for ISTE

    Richard Culatta, the new CEO of ISTE, recently spoke with THE Journal about his experiences in education and ed tech, as well as his plans for ISTE ahead of its big summer conference last month (June 25-28) in San Antonio, TX.

  • D2L Brings Brightspace LMS to All of K-12

    Ed tech company D2L has announced plans to release a major upgrade for its learning management system that is intended to span all of K-12. Aside from its adoption within higher ed, Brightspace traditionally has found a home in high schools.

  • K–12 Cyber Incidents Have Been Increasing in 2017

    The founder and operator of a K–12 Cyber Incident Map is sharing some lessons he has learned after collecting data over the past 17 months on cyber incidents at United States schools. Doug Levin, president of Ed Tech Strategies, says that as K–12 schools increase their use and reliance on digital tools and services, the number of cyber incidents has also been on the rise — exponentially so.


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