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Critical Insights for K-12 Education Technology Pros 12/7/2018

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Top 10 Articles of the Last Month

  • Detailed Picture of 'Inequality of Opportunity' Emerges

    Where kids grow up has a big impact on how well they'll do as adults. While that may sound obvious, a new program that brings together economists from Harvard University and Brown University and researchers from the U.S. Census Bureau has found that kids who grow up in the same community just miles apart end up with very different futures.

  • Meta-Analysis: Class Size Doesn't Really Matter

    A survey of research on the impact of small class sizes found evidence that "suggests at best a small effect on reading achievement" and "a negative, but statistically insignificant, effect on mathematics."

  • PBIS Positively Impacts Student Discipline

    A new study from Tulane University found that following a data-driven approach to student behavior correlated with a decrease in disciplinary incidents by as much as a quarter to almost three-quarters.

  • Augmenting Learning Through Technology Use

    A new report finds technology is becoming more prevalent in everyday learning activities, but the majority of classrooms worldwide are creating blended learning environments.

  • Crafting a National Research Agenda

    At a recent meeting convened by the Jefferson Education Exchange, associations determined that more work is needed to make educators aware of the federal Institute of Education Sciences research.

  • Developing a Consistent Approach to Computational Thinking Opportunities

    Researchers at Digital Promise are developing a project to track the progress of computational thinking skills across the K–12 school spectrum through student feedback and teacher integration.

  • Establishing Best Practices for Early Learning Facilities

    A new report finds early learning facilities are not designed with the needs of young children in mind and provides a framework for improving these institutions.

  • Student Knapsacks Place Excessive Weight on Spines

    A team of medical experts and researchers in New York state's Hudson Valley have put their names on a research paper detailing the impact on the spine of carrying backpacks.

  • How Educators Utilize Research

    Preliminary findings from a survey of educators shows teachers are most interested in following trends in technology and trauma and mental health.

  • Database Provides Accurate Accounting of School Shootings

    The project is conducted as part of the Advanced Thinking in Homeland Security program at the Naval Postgraduate School's Center for Homeland Defense and Security. The goal is to serve as a single source for "objective and accessible data from which school administrators, law enforcement and public officials can draw to inform their decisions," according to a report on the project.


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