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Critical Insights for K-12 Education Technology Pros 2/1/2019

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  • The State of the K–12 CTO: A Roundtable

    Five school technology leaders answer our questions on learning with tech, sustainable 1-to-1, ESSA, student data privacy concerns and what they'd give up in their jobs if only they could.


Top 10 Articles of the Last Month

  • Experts Weigh in on Merits of AI in Education

    Will artificial intelligence make most people better off over the next decade, or will it redefine what free will means or what a human being is? A new report by the Pew Research Center has weighed in on the topic by conferring with some 979 experts, who have, in summary, predicted that networked AI "will amplify human effectiveness but also threaten human autonomy, agency and capabilities."

  • Teacher Confidence in Ed Tech on the Rise, But Not Feelings About the Profession

    Teacher confidence in the use of technology is rising incrementally. Some 99 percent of teachers and school leaders in a recent survey reported that they're using digital technology in their classrooms. And nearly as many (96 percent) said they've seen benefits from its use.

  • $300,000 Literacy Grant Opens

    The Library of Congress has started accepting nominations for its Literacy Awards program, which will award multiple prizes of up to $150,000 to schools and other organizations for their efforts at promoting literacy.

  • 5 Hurdles to Technological Innovation in K–12 Education

    Innovating in education, especially with technology, doesn't come without its hurdles. These may be organizational; they may involve people not knowing what to do or having a lack of resources, but the result is a slow-down in the adoption of innovation.

  • How to Build 'Inclusive, Safe, Engaging' Schools

    A nonprofit that focuses on improving the climate for learning has released two reports intended to help school leaders understand how to create "safe, engaging school communities."

  • A Personalized Learning Backlash

    Four-plus years after it was first published, a report on personalized instruction is getting renewed attention as schools in the northeast consider calling their experiments in the instructional model a failure.

  • Creating a More Diverse Teacher Workforce

    A new report outlines how the teacher workforce can become more diverse to adapt to changing demographics across the United States.

  • Education Does 'Worst' Job at Cybersecurity

    Education as a business does the worst job of cybersecurity compared to nearly all other major segments. The segment performed particularly poorly in three areas: maintaining patches on systems, securing applications and securing the network as a whole.

  • Homework Gap Persists Despite Broadband Gains

    A new report finds fewer than 10 percent of school districts report that all students have access to non-shared devices at home, while the number of schools offering broadband at school continues to rise.

  • Public School Revenue and Spending Up in Latest Year of Reporting

    The National Center for Education Statistics has produced its latest "first look" report, providing interesting data on state-level revenues and expenditures in public schools, covering fiscal year 2016 (school year 2015-2016).

  • Developing Robotic Kids

    Robotics programs across the country are appealing to non-STEM-oriented students too, even as they learn science, tech, engineering and math (along with a whole bunch of soft skills) on the side.


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