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Strategies for supporting education beyond the traditional classroom 3/10/2021



  • 9 Policy Priorities for Closing the Digital Divide

    A nonprofit that promotes "open, affordable, high-quality broadband connections" has issued a roadmap for 2021, laying out what it will be pursuing in its mission of supplying internet access to an estimated 42 million unconnected people in the United States.

  • Pandemic Has Changed Main Challenges of School Counselors

    For once, the number of students an individual school counselor is responsible for advising wasn't the overwhelming choice when they were asked to examine their day-to-day challenges. Many more school counselors responded that the big obstacles were getting access to students in a virtual environment (cited by 68 percent) and providing counseling and lessons to students in a virtual environment (mentioned by 62 percent). Just a little over half (53 percent) said managing a high caseload was either "challenging" or "extremely challenging." And 51 percent said it was a continual challenge to close "opportunity and achievement gaps."

  • Preschoolers Losing Learning Opportunities in Pandemic

    K-12 students aren't the only ones who have experienced learning loss due to the pandemic. According to new research, children ages 3 to 5 have also lost important learning opportunities over the last year.


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