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Strategies for supporting education beyond the traditional classroom 7/14/2021


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  • Chromebooks Seeing Massive Surge as Tablets Make Only Modest Gains

    The increased demand for lower-cost remote learning solutions is helping to drive massive growth for Chromebooks this year. But the next few years won’t look so rosy, according to a new forecast from market research firm IDC.

  • 7 Benefits of AI in Education

    Machine Learning (ML) and Artificial Intelligence (AI) are key drivers of growth and innovation across all industries, and the education sector is no different. According to eLearning Industry, upwards of 47% of learning management tools will be enabled with AI capabilities in the next three years.

  • Education Technology Must Be Accessible For All Students

    We’ve seen the use of education technology become more prevalent this past year. We’ve also seen an additional disruption in education as COVID-19 impacted student achievement, particularly in diverse student populations with accessibility needs. Aside from the overarching challenges of learning from home, the nation’s nearly 7 million students with disabilities had additional obstacles to overcome during the pandemic. For these students, the move to Zoom wasn’t a fixall solution for remote learning.

  • Connecting Students Can Boost the Economy

    A new report shows that closing the digital divide for students who lack connectivity can provide a tremendous boost to economies around the world, including 5.5% boost to GDP in the United States.

  • Virtual Reality Headsets See Explosive Growth

    Virtual reality headsets grew more than 50% in the first quarter of 2021 compared with the same period last year, according to a new report. Facebook, which owns Oculus, was one of the key driving factors.

  • Increase in Mobile Gaming to Persist Beyond Pandemic

    There was a surge in mobile gameplay when the pandemic began. According to a new report, nearly two-thirds of gamers increased the amount of time they played. And the majority of that activity will continue beyond the pandemic.


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