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  • 6 Tips for Smart IT in 2014

    From building robust networks to collaborating with other departments to fund new projects, here's what you need to do to keep innovating in the new year.

  • Making BYOT Work

    Tim Clark, the coordinator of instructional technology for Forsyth County Schools (GA), explains how his district makes BYOT work for students, teachers, and the community.


IT News

  • MacBook Webcams Vulnerable to 'Peek' Hacking

    The National Security Agency may not be the only ones peeking into our activities. A recent research project at Johns Hopkins University has proven that unauthorized users can hack into internal webcams on certain classes of Apple computers to disable the green light that informs us when the webcam is in use.

  • DeKalb County District Goes Wireless from Border to Border

    After nearly a year of work, a Georgia school district with about 99,000 students has succeeded in going "100 percent wireless" in its 136 locations.

  • Maine School District Implements New WiFi Network To Support 1-to-1

    Maine School Administrative District 49 has deployed a new WiFi network to support its 1-to-1 initiative and encourage a paperless learning environment.

  • SIIA: U.S. PreK-12 Is a $7.9 Billion Software Market

    In the United States, preK-12 is nearly an $8 billion-a-year software market, according to new data published by the Software & Information Industry Association. And that figure is on the rise despite obvious funding hurdles faced by schools over the last several years.

  • Aleratec Introduces Tablet Charging Stations

    Coming soon from Aleratec, a manufacturer of high-performance digital media duplicators and portable device management products: the Charge and Guard Secure Charge/Sync Cabinet 16, a lockable metal cabinet for charging, syncing and storing tablets and other devices.


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