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Strategies & Insights for Technology Leaders in K-12 9/28/2017

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  • 6.5 Million Students Lack Adequate Access

    Altogether, 74,000 schools, 2.6 million teachers and 39.2 million students now have at least the minimum connectivity to access digital learning, while 1,587 rural schools still lack adequate infrastructure to meet the requirements.

  • Biggest Barriers to Digital Learning: Lack of Time, Lack of Devices

    The biggest barrier to digital learning for teachers is gaining student access to technology. That's followed by a lack of time during the school day. For administrators, the top concern is providing relevant and effective professional development to their staff, followed by limitations and problems with the technological infrastructure, such as WiFi and security. Overall, across both roles, the main obstacle to integrating technology into the classroom was lack of time and an insufficient number of devices to do so.

  • End Users Getting Better at Identifying Phishing Attacks

    Users today are more likely to recognize a phishing attack than they were a year ago, according to data from Wombat Security Technologies.

  • Video Becoming the Norm in Education

    Video is becoming as ubiquitous in classrooms as laminated periodic tables and whiteboards, according to the latest results of Kaltura's "The State of Video in Education" report.

  • Report: Most Educators Aware of OER, Don't Understand OER Licensing

    A new report examines who the decision-makers are in curriculum adoptions and finds that a sizable percentage of schools have chosen open educational resources in the last three years.

  • Report: Spending on AI and Cognitive Systems to Grow 50 Percent Yearly Through 2021

    Expert shopping advisors and product recommendations will be the use case to see the fastest growth throughout the period, at 96.6 percent CAGR, with public safety and emergency response close behind at 96.2 percent and intelligent processing automation holding the third spot at 69.2 percent CAGR.

  • Wearables to See Double-Digit Growth through 2021

    Wrist-worn devices will drive the market, according to a new forecast, while "lesser-known wearable products, such as clothing and ear-wear, will experience market-beating growth in the years to come."


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