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Strategies & Insights for Technology Leaders in K-12 10/26/2017

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  • Privacy Concerns Dominate 2017 Student Data Legislation

    Since 2013, lawmakers in 49 states have introduced 503 bills, and 41 states have passed 94 laws regarding education data privacy and security, according to the latest accounting by the Data Quality Campaign.

  • Finding Innovation under ESSA

    While the Every Student Succeeds Act (ESSA) holds the promise of helping states transform their K-12 public education, one reform organization fears that true innovation will get lost in the shuffle.

  • Cyberlearning Research Report Peeks into Future of Ed Tech

    Among the questions hundreds of research projects are attempting to answer are these: How will students "use their bodies and minds to learn what will be important in the 21st century, such as collaboration, scientific argumentation, mathematical reasoning, computational thinking, creative expression, design thinking and civic engagement?"

  • Newark School Reform Shows Mixed Impact

    What does $200 million in school reform buy you? Improved English scores and no big change in math achievement. That's the bottom line offered in a working paper issued by the National Bureau of Economic Research, which examined an education transformation project in Newark Public Schools.

  • $50,000 STEM-Focused Teacher Grant Deadline Approaching

    The program will support projects around global issues such as climate change and food, water, and air quality.


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