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Strategies & Insights for Technology Leaders in K-12 8/22/2019

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  • What School District CIOs Need to Know about IoT

    With the focus on providing better services to students and teachers, the applications for Internet of Things is projected to grow exponentially in the K-12 setting, but questions are becoming increasingly apparent on how to protect school data under controlled conditions.

  • District Communications, from Compliance to Crisis

    Managing communications can be a big job, but through a combination of outsourcing and sharing responsibility internally, districts can be ready for even the deepest crises.


Ed Tech Research & Trends

  • 5 Assessment Trends for the New School Year

    Education will see changes in how assessment is done in the new school year, according to education nonprofit NWEA. The organization, which develops preK-12 assessments and professional development, recently issued five trends that it expected will permeate the measurement of learning outcomes.

  • Federal Ed Tech Funding Under Evaluation for 2020

    The nearly $4 billion FCC program enters its fifth year since funding for networking infrastructure became available to schools and libraries. This article examines recent action taken by the FCC that could change how these institutions can access funds beginning in 2020.

  • Report: Teachers Have Difficulty Engaging Families

    Almost half of primary teachers say they encounter difficulties communicating with a large segment of parents and families of their students.


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