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Strategies & Insights for Technology Leaders in K-12 11/21/2019

IT Spotlight

  • Schools Under Cyber Siege Need a Path to Resilience

    It’s one thing for impassible roads to hit pause on a school schedule. It’s an entirely different and unacceptable scenario when cyber extortion not only gets in the way of educating our youth but puts data pertaining to their health, academics and social development at risk of exposure and compromise — not to mention the public funds that are flushed away to ransom payments and cleanup efforts.

  • Exploring Privacy Concerns for Ed Tech Tools

    California State University, Northridge professor Kristen Walker is investigating the price that school districts will pay when it comes to protecting their privacy using ed tech tools through a grant from the National Science Foundation.


Ed Tech Research & Trends

  • 4 Ways to Improve the Use of Data in CTE

    Nonprofit MDRC recently issued a 10-page brief laying out the challenges career and technical education programs face in collecting data and four steps they can take "to strengthen their own CTE data-collection and measurement activities."

  • Study: Making Broadband Connections More Equitable

    A new report from SETDA examines how policy makers and school leaders can work to bridge the digital divide and establish ways to provide schools with the necessary resources to get high-speed internet connections.

  • Study: Teachers Find Benefits of Ed Tech Elusive

    Sixty percent of teachers are worried that a focus on implementing technology tools in the classroom could damage the student-teacher relationship, according a recent survey from Houghton Mifflin Harcourt.

  • How Principal Professional Development Impacts School Outcomes

    A select group of principals received nearly 200 hours of professional development training over a two-year period through a program at the University of Washington, but a study conducted by ED’s Institute of Education Sciences found the program did not affect student achievement.


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