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Strategies & Insights for Technology Leaders in K-12 3/24/2022

IT Spotlight

  • Cybersecurity Experts Call for More Transparency and Immediate Resources for Schools

    The nation’s public K–12 schools need immediate, tangible help to address widespread cybersecurity vulnerabilities and a crippling shortage of resources, and policymakers have begun to propose ways to meet those needs, but missing from those debates is the trend of school districts declining to alert their communities when a cyberattack has compromised the private, personal information of students or staff — and cybersecurity experts are calling for transparency and greater oversight.

  • SETDA Report Calls for State Education Agencies to Take Lead on Cybersecurity, More Sustained Funding

    SETDA, a national association of U.S. ed tech and IT leaders, on Wednesday released its first Cybersecurity and Privacy Collaborative “landscape scan” calling on federal policymakers and state and local education leaders to work together to increase information sharing and to commit significant, sustained resources and training to improving cybersecurity across the nation’s K–12 schools.


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