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  • eBook: Transforming the Delivery of Information in K-12 Ed
    Sponsored by: Avaya
    There's a transformation taking place in the way information and applications are being delivered in K-12 education. Download this free ebook to read how teams of educators and IT professionals from schools and districts around the nation are working hard to successfully deliver digital media to the classroom.

  • Learn the "What," "Why," and "How" Behind BYOD
    Sponsored by: Avaya
    The movement to mobile and digital learning reflects the exploding popularity of mobile devices and the growth in wireless network services to support them. Your students have their own personal computing devices, and they want to use them in class. This is a good thing! Find out why.

  • One study shows: Elementary Students Learn Mandarin, Spanish Faster w/Software
    Sponsored by: Rosetta Stone
    Even though many foreign language programs in elementary schools use traditional teacher-led curricula, educators are increasingly interested in using educational technology to enhance students' foreign language learning. But is there scientific research to back up the claims of effectiveness? There is now.