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Anonymous Bullying Reporting Solution

Increase bullying prevention effectiveness by implementing an anonymous bullying reporting solution. The CyberBully Hotline provides students who may be fearful of coming forward, or witnesses who wish to remain anonymous, a means to get help. The Cyberbully Hotline meets students where they live – online. Easy to implement with kick-off materials included.
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Professional Resources

  • 7 Qs to Answer Before Launching Virtual Learning District-Wide
    Sponsored by: Blackboard
    Learn how budget-constrained districts are turning to virtual learning to improve student performance, save money and empower teachers. See how districts have capitalized on one of the fastest growing trends in K-12 education.

  • A New Approach to Student Safety: App-based Emergency Communication
    Sponsored by: NetSupport
    With both an increasing student population combined with ongoing Federal legislation for implementing Emergency Management plans, the issue of delivering quick & effective communications in times of emergency has never been more important.

  • Guidelines for Using Student Response Systems in the Classroom
    Sponsored by: Dymo Mimio
    In this in-depth white paper, Learning Scientist and Educational Psychologist Dr. Karen Mahon provides a comprehensive view of student response systems, and important insight on how to effectively use this technology to help kids learn.

  • Wi-Fi Planning Tool: Maximize Your School’s Wireless Performance
    Sponsored by: AeroHive
    This paper examines how schools can apply 802.11n enterprise-class Wi-Fi technology in ways that pay while overcoming such traditional challenges as shrinking budgets, high network management costs, and nagging performance and reliability troubles.