News Update
What You Need to Know Now 6/6/2017


  • Discovery Education Adds 360-Degree Experiences to Streaming Plus, Techbook Solutions

    Discovery Education Monday revealed it has introduced several new digital assets and more are coming soon to the company's Discovery Education Streaming Plus and Techbook offerings. The digital solutions will feature more interactive, 360-degree experiences and other dynamic content.

  • Hobsons Intersect Connects High School Counselors with College Admissions

    Ed tech company Hobsons has introduced new functionality into Naviance, a K-12 college and career "readiness" program that helps counselors match up student strengths and interests with their post-secondary goals. "Intersect," as the new feature is named, allows college admissions offices to publish information about their institutions to the high school users of Naviance and connect through a new "counselor community."


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