News Update
What You Need to Know Now 8/29/2017


  • Google and 4-H to Establish Coding Program in 22 States

    The goal is to equip today's learners with skills needed for careers that use computer science, since research estimates there will only be 400,000 qualified job candidates for more than 1.4 million open tech jobs in 2020.

  • DQC Urges States to Use Data to Improve Teacher Prep

    While states have all kinds of requirements laying out how teachers should be prepared for the classroom, they don't often give back information on how those teachers do in the classroom that could lead to improvements in their educator preparation programs.

  • Report: Schools Are Being Duped by Marketers on Personalized Learning

    In an annual report on school commercialism trends, National Education Policy Center researchers assert that personalized learning is turning student data into a marketable product and extending the reach of commercializing activities into students' everyday lives at schools.


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