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What You Need to Know Now 8/30/2018


  • What We Can Learn from New Orleans' Post-Katrina School Reforms

    Reforms put in place in New Orleans after Hurricane Katrina devastated the Gulf Coast in 2005 turned out to have many positive impacts, according to a new report published by the Education Research Alliance. The move to state-controlled charters boosted student achievement, high school graduation rates, college entry numbers, the college persistence rate and the college graduation rate.


  • P2T Offers $15,000 Stipends for Proposals Leading to Positive Education Outcomes

    Proposals are due Aug. 31 for projects that "positively impact education outcomes" at the state and local levels. $15,000 stipends will be awarded to projects selected for development.

  • LEGO Education Debuts Coding Kit for Early Learners

    LEGO Education has introduced a new coding kit for early learners. Dubbed Coding Express, the system is designed to build "foundational coding and transferable skills, including collaboration and problem solving, for the earliest of learners through activities that introduce concepts of sequencing, looping and more." It includes a Teacher Guide and lesson plans.

  • AWS Dual Enrollment Program Ramps up in California

    A group of community colleges in Southern California is working with Amazon Web Services and its education program to develop college credit courses for a cloud computing career pathway that starts in high school, continues through college and leads to industry certifications. The goal of the "CA Cloud Workforce Consortia" is to expand this common curriculum and develop a regional career pathway program and certificate.

  • State Issues Plan for Taking High-Speed Internet to (Nearly) Every Household

    A subsidiary of nonprofit Connected Nation has promised to bring high-speed internet to every user in Michigan, with the help of the state's governor.


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