THE Blended Classroom
Teaching & Learning Strategies for 21st Century Education 1/25/2017


  • Online Schools Growing Yet Reasons Students Choose Them Haven't Changed

    The top reasons that students take the virtual route for school tend to fall into a few specific categories, which haven't changed in the two decades since online options first surfaced. A new report issued by the Foundation for Blended and Online Learning looks at what has influenced the pace of growth among students choosing to attend blended and online schools, as well as the number of such programs introduced or adopted by "traditional" districts.

  • Genevra Walters: How Tech Can Close the Achievement Gap

    As superintendent of Illinois’ Kankakee School District, Genevra Walters has transformed a lackluster general ed program into the successful College and Career Academy Classrooms. With the help of technology in these classrooms, Walters has helped close the achievement gap for those students who were not enrolled in gifted or magnet programs.


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