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  • 5 Key Ways To Stretch Your Tech Budget

    Chet Bembenek, technology manager for a small district in Wisconsin, shares his tips for making the most of the typically limited technology budgets schools have to work with.


Ed Tech Research & Trends

  • Adult Education Lagging Way Behind in Tech

    While schools have placed a great deal of attention on technology in the classroom, one instructional segment that has been left behind, it appears, is adult education. Although 86 percent of adult education administrators and practitioners said they believe that technology solutions can "effectively support" adult education, only 54 percent of students in those programs always have access on site to computers for instructional purposes. Another 36 percent have only "occasional" access, and the bulk of the remainder have even less, according to a new report from Tyton Partners.

  • New Data Tool Exposes Size of Funding Gaps for Students in Poverty

    Two weeks after a report from the Center for American Progress explained how a calculation loophole in the Elementary and Secondary Education Act (ESEA) results in Title 1 schools receiving about $1,200 less per student than comparable schools, a new report confirmed the size of the gap from a different angle.

  • Report: Most Americans Support Concepts Behind Common Core

    Most Americans support the basic concepts behind the Common Core, even if many do not know what the Common Core State Standards are, according to a new survey from the Leadership Conference Education Fund.

  • Research: Video Gamers Learn Visual Activities Faster

    Score one for gamers. An experiment at Brown University has found a correlation between people who frequently play video games and their ability to retain learning about two quickly learned visual activities.


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