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  • How to Detect and Respond to Individual Student Needs
    Sponsored by: HeadSprout
    Free on-demand webinar exploring intervention programs & techniques that respond to individual student needs.

  • Addressing Windows 7 Application Compatibility
    Sponsored by: Dell
    Making an OS change can sometimes introduce problems. Business applications that are customized to work with a particular OS might not work smoothly with a new one. Download this paper to learn how to prepare for an OS migration, identify potential application compatibility problems, and what software compatibility options are available.

  • eBook: Transforming the Delivery of Information in K-12 Ed
    Sponsored by: Avaya
    There's a transformation taking place in the way information and applications are being delivered in K-12 education. Download this free ebook to read how teams of educators and IT professionals from schools and districts around the nation are working hard to successfully deliver digital media to the classroom.

  • Comparative Review of Top K-12 Online Protection Vendors
    Sponsored by: SonicWall
    This webcast provides a hard-hitting competitive analysis of leading Next-Generation Firewalls (NGFWs) and Content Filtering solutions. Hear how Next-Generation Firewalls (NGFWs) address: network security, bandwidth management, and content filtering challenges currently facing today's K-12 organizations.