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How Virtualization and BYOD Help Students Learn Anywhere, Anytime, on Any Device

How Virtualization and BYOD Help Students Learn Anywhere, Anytime, on Any Device For more than two decades Douglas Meade, Director of Information Technology at York County School Division (VA) has headed IT at York County, which serves nearly 13,000 students K-12. In the fall of 2009, the division began a two-year process of implementing a desktop virtualization initiative to enhance mobility for students and teachers – and, as an added benefit, to pave the way for BYOD as an alternative to 1-to-1.

Burleson ISD Shares their Journey of Embracing Technology in the Classroom

Join the Executive Director of Technology and the Learning Technologies Coach at Burleson Independent School District, along with Google for Education, for an instructional webinar to see how they are shifting their district culture to embrace technology integration. Learn how they use Google tools in the classroom to focus on student learning and curriculum support. Follow their journey as they move from the How and the What of technology integration to a culture of Why.

Teaching with digital portfolios – real-world examples to get you started

Have you been thinking about using digital portfolios in your classroom but aren’t sure where to start? In this webcast, you’ll learn from two experienced educators how digital portfolios help you gain better insight into your students – and how you can start using them tomorrow.

Upper Grand School District Turns to Android Tablets and Google Play for Education to Teach Students Anytime Anywhere

In this webinar, you’ll hear directly from educators at the Upper Grand District School District on Ontario, Canada. The educators at UGDSB wanted to support universal learning with technology that would help students learn and express their knowledge in different ways. They adopted Android tablets and Chromebooks with Google Play for Education. The new tools have encouraged students to collaborate seamlessly, and have expanded learning resources to accommodate many different learning styles.

ReNEW Schools Embrace Personalized Learning to Help Students Prepare for College and Careers

Personalized learning is seen as essential to helping ReNEW students reach grade level, and to propel disadvantaged students to transcend barriers of class and income. Brandon Phenix will share more about the goals, their progress in the last few years and how Google Apps and HP Chromebooks have enabled blended and personalized learning.

How to Cut Cost and Improve Service with Passive Optical Networking

Mobile devices and apps that consume high bandwidth are becoming the norm. Your network needs to be able to support increased traffic. What can you do to get your network ready? Join this webcast to hear how one school district prepared for the future.